meet Janine


-photo credit Nina Sutherland


I am all things girly. If I randomly came across $1000, I would go shopping, no question. In my house, though, my husband Michael, who is indeed the love of my life, and my three sons, Jacob, Maxwell and Samson, have me so far outnumbered I have no choice but to embrace a boy’s life. (I did try to tip the scales a bit with the introduction of Miss Olivia, our goldendoodle, who will happily let me put bows on her!)

You will usually see me in workout clothes. (I mean, I have to workout so I can eat the decadent desserts I love so much!) My go to wardrobe staple is skinny jeans, but I absolutely love fancy shoes and bags.

I love adventure and think everyone should try camping in a tent at least once. If I am being totally truthful, though, I am happiest in a cushy hotel bed or snuggling with my family on the couch.

Like so many others, I feel a bit uncomfortable when a camera is pointed at me, but this gives me such an authentic sensitivity towards everyone I photograph. There is no greater honor than having someone trust me to capture the authentic, genuine moments that will become a family’s most precious heirlooms.

More than anything, I love meeting new people, hearing your unique story, learning the details that make your family a true one of a kind and weaving that into a photographic story that speaks without a word.


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